Quality of life & Palliative care

Quality of life consultation
Visit to your home (1hr) £100
Online appointment (30 mins) £30
Palliative care
Initial home visit (1hr) £100
Care at home to administer medication £50 per visit (30 mins)

Home visits and euthanasia

Home visit and euthanasia

Sedation included.

Cat or Rabbit£170
Dog 2-10kg£180
Dog 10-20kg£190
Dog 20-40kg£200
Dog 40-70kg£210
Dog 70kg+£220

Home visit, euthanasia & group cremation

No ashes.

Cat or Rabbit£220
Dog 2-10kg£230
Dog 10-20kg£240
Dog 20-40kg£250
Dog 40-70kg£260
Dog 70kg+£270

Home visit, euthanasia & individual cremation

Ashes returned in scatter tube or bamboo pouch.

Cat or Rabbit£350
Dog 2-10kg£360
Dog 10-20kg£390
Dog 20-40kg£420
Dog 40-70kg£450
Dog 70kg+£470

Celebrant Pet Funeral Service

Prices vary depending on your choice of burial or cremation.

Please contact us for further details.

Out-of-hours - Appointments in the evenings or at the weekend will incur an additional £75 charge

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